Cultures, Rennets & Antibiotic Tests


Alinda offers a variety of thermophilic and mesophilic dairy cultures to meet the taste and texture requirements of each product.

Cultures for Cheese

Our range of cultures is substantially broad and covers the needs of many cheese applications. Whether we develop mesophilic cultures to address the complex production demands of soft cheese or cultures to contribute to the characteristic acid flavour of the feta cheese, we provide a range of cultures designed to meet every functional need of the dairy sector. 

We also provide culture solutions for hard – and semi-hard cheeses that guarantee the formation of distinctive texture and flavour while ensuring resistance to high cooking temperatures.

Whether you want to produce a thick, yet milder, traditional Greek- style yoghurt or a smooth and creamy modern yoghurt drink, we have the most suitable solution for you.

Cultures for Yoghurt

We have a long-standing history in supplying yoghurt cultures for any application backed by extensive scientific and technical expertise, in depth knowledge in protein chemistry and protein processing.





Alinda is the supplier of a wide range of coagulants, including a rich portfolio of rennets divided into three types, according to their origin:

  • Animal
  • Microbial
  • Chymosine



Alinda supplies reliable and high-sensitivity solutions for the most accurate testing of antibiotic residues in milk. There is a wide range of testing kits that cover the needs of the key parts of the dairy value chain: farmers, dairies and milk control laboratories.

Besides the traditional test kits, Alinda offers a new range of fast tests that detect beta lactam, the most common antibiotic found in milk, in just five minutes.

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