Milk Proteins

Milk Proteins for Yoghurts

Under our brand PROMIL, our milk-based proteins and functional ingredients deliver firm or creamy texture with a smooth mouthfeel and optimum control of syneresis in clean label formulations.

Greek-style Yoghurt from the Greek Experts!

Alinda has been a pioneer in Greek yoghurt technology since the ‘80s. The solutions developed for this application can be used to produce Greek style yoghurt with a high protein content (10%) at various fat levels.

Working closely with our customers, we develop dairy ingredients that define the market and deliver superior texture and taste to your yoghurt products. We can provide a product portfolio of dairy solutions that includes milk proteins and stabilisers for:

  • Set, stirred, drinking yoghurts of various fat content
  • High protein (10% +) dairy products (Skyr, milk drinks, drinking yoghurt)


Milk Proteins for Cheese and Cheese Spreads

Our PROTAL / PROMIL proteins can easily be mixed into cheese milk and deliver increased yield in traditional cheese making process, in cast white cheese (feta type) formulations and improve the texture in light cheeses.

Typical applications of our solutions are:

  • Fresh cheeses (white cheese, quark, ricotta, petite Suisse, cottage)
  • Hard and semi-hard cheeses (Cheddar, Edam, Emmental, pasta filata)
  • Cream Cheeses (spreadable & heat stable versions like Labneh, Philadelphia type)

Milk Proteins for Processed Cheese & Cheese Analogues

Our PROTAL / PROMIL proteins provide excellent emulsification and water binding. Our proteins are easy to handle in batch cooker processes. Cost optimization can be realized by reducing the cheese content in the formulations.

Typical applications of our solutions are:

  • Spreadable cheese
  • Pizza cheese
  • Cheese in blocks
  • Cheese analogues
  • Jar cheese and dips

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